The Vision of a Champion

Early one morning, a coach was driving on his way to the office when he saw a woman running in the park. He pulled over to watch, and realized it was his star player and senior leader in a grueling conditioning exercise. Between the sprints he could see her hunched over in exhaustion and sweat pouring from her brow. Hot air was shooting from her lungs as she struggled to gain her breath on a cool, early morning. When he got to the office he mailed her a note. The note read:

“The vision of a champion is an athlete, training alone, drenched in sweat, when nobody is watching.” -Coach Dorrance (UNC record setting NCAA championship coach)

This athelete was Mia Hamm.
Her career achievements: 4x NCAA National Champion, 3x All-American and All-ACC, 3x ACC Player of the Year, 2x ACC Female Athlete of the Year, 2x World Cup Champion, 2x Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Olympic Silver and Bronze Medal Winner, and 2x FIFA Female Player of the Year.

How hard do you work when no one is watching? Are you willing to sacrifice the time and effort it takes to be your best?


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