Fall League Final Notice

For those that are signed up for our 3rd – 6th Grade Fall League, practice starts on Monday! A full season schedule was emailed to you earlier this month, but you should have another email today with the same information. Please make sure our emails aren’t going to your junk filter. (If you did not sign up, we’re sorry but registration is closed).

At our first practice, parents/guardians will be asked to sign two forms:

We’ll have them available at practice, but you may print them beforehand and bring them along.


  • Attire: Athletic shorts and t-shirts. You may also want to bring a water bottle. Kneepads are not required.
  • Seating in the gym: is non-existent, and we want to use most of the gym space for drills, so please be mindful.
  • Timing: we expect to be done before 6:30 on Monday, all other nights will be 6:15.

Please note: if you bring other children that are not participating, please make sure they are staying off of the bleachers, equipment and property in the gym, cafeteria, bathrooms, etc… We are not liable if they get injured. PILC is very generous to let us rent the space, and we would like to continue to do so without damaging their property.

See you soon!


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