If you missed the Kick-off meeting…

If you’ve played with us last year, not much as changed but we’ve provided the highlights from Monday’s presentation below in case you weren’t able to make it.

What is Oahe Elite Volleyball?

We are Regional …with participants from Sully, Stanley, Lyman, and Hughes

We are Deliberate and CourteousOur Mission: To provide a high level volleyball experience to the athletes of central South Dakota and be known as a group for good sportsmanship, quality athletes, and gracious fans and coaches.

We are Committed…We try to create small competitive teams and ask for the same commitment from our athletes, coaches, and parents.

We are HumanProactive, and Flexible…which means, yes, we can make mistakes but we learn from them and aren’t afraid to make changes for the better.

We are Focused…with yearly goals as in organization and a long term vision

We are Elite.

You will find our tentative schedules in your tryout packet at the links below. Practices are set for 14s,16s, and 17s, but tournaments are subject to change based on team conflicts. We hope to have final tournament schedules before the end of the year. Review the tentative schedule, decide if it fits your schedule, and BRING A COMPLETED TRYOUT PACKET TO TRYOUTS

Teams & Fees:

– 12s Team   Cost: $315 | Season: February 1st – March 12th

– 14s Team   Cost: $475 | Season: February 18th – May 15th

– 16s Team   Cost: $375 | Season: February 29th – May 1st

– 17s Team   Cost: $475 | Season: immediately after high school basketball ends, continuing until May 15th. Athletes not playing basketball can begin practicing on February 29th with the 16s team. If we are able to start sooner, we will.

“Where do my dollars go?” – We use season fees to cover the following: uniforms, warm-up shirts, practice t-shirts, gym rent, new equipment, coach salaries (including travel costs), tournament entry fees, association fees, insurance, and administration costs. 

New this year..

  • 12s, 14s, and 16s/17s tryouts will be separate so that we can get a better look at everyone.
  • Practice uniforms will be required for every practice. This will be your teal colored Oahe Elite shirt form last year or the one you’ll receive this year. We have extra if you weren’t with us in 2015.
  • Practices will be closed from any spectators.

What Happens After Tryouts? 

  • Teams posted the week after Thanksgiving (Monday or Tuesday) – alert by blog post, by tryout number
  • Please let us know by that Friday (Dec. 4) if you have decided not to participate.
  • Registration meeting, Monday Dec. 7th
    • 5:30-8:00, Location TBD
    • “Come and go”
    • Down-payment of dues ($175)
    • Registration form
    • Jersey try-on
    • Finalize Tournament schedules

Once all of that is done, we’ll start booking tournaments and ordering equipment and apparel.