Club Season Begins! 

We are so excited for the 2016 club season! Thank you, everyone, for your commitment this year!

A few team-specific reminders are below. All athletes and parents, please remember:

  • We are requiring “practice uniforms” this year. That means the girls will wear one of the teal OEVB t-shirts to all practices.
  • All practices are closed to the public (yep, parents too). 
  • We are at PILC again this season. As always, please respect the facility and the equipment. Use of the space is a privilege we do not want to lose.


  • 12s Team — Your Augustana tournament has been changed to SATURDAY, March 12th. Parents should have an email about this change. Also, we will start Thursday practices this week! See you Tuesday at St. Joe’s and Thursday at PILC!
  • 14s Team — Your Thursday practice time as been adjusted to 6:30-8:15 due to conflicts. Please make note and print a new schedule here. If you haven’t paid your final season dues, please do so by Monday.
  • 16s Team — See you Monday! Parents should have received a detailed email earlier today. Check out your team page for more information. Don’t forget your final season dues at the first practice!
  • 17s Team — If you choose to start participating before March 21st, please come to 16s practices (your coach will be there to work with you). Visit your team page for more details and download a schedule. We’ll be in touch soon with more information and a decision on the April 2-3 tournament. (We are waiting on final word from Sanford if they can work us in for the Grand Prix. If you haven’t responded to the email regarding the new tournament location, please do so). 

Congrats to the 12s Team on their 2nd place finish this weekend!

12s Winter Warm up



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