New Rules to Know

Here are some rule changes to note:

  • Contact with any part of the net between the antennae is illegal before, during or after you play the ball. (More details in module US219 at the link below) If you remember last year, net violations were only for the top tape…USAV has reverted back. 
  • Center line: is only a violation if it presents a safety hazard to the opponent OR your entire body goes under the net. (More details in module US219 at the link below)
  • No more “sideline march” at the beginning of the match. Teams will start at the end line (just like previous years).
  • The ball is “in” if any part of the ball touches the line.
  • Coach can designate two liberos at the start of the match, but those are the only two players that can play libero for that match.


All athletes should brush up on the rules here. In the first box (on the left of the page), please watch the following modules:

  • NEW! Net and Center Line Rules (US219)
  • NEW! Critical Rules and Interpretations (US101)
  • Libero Rules (US223)

In the second box (on the right), please watch the following modules:

  • Please watch all of the “NEW! Scoring” modules (609, 611, 613, 615, 621)

This is a requirement! Our club prides itself on being the best officiating team in the gym. If it is clear any team member is unprepared to officiate, there will be team consequences at practice. 

16s – We’ll send along your weekend schedule as soon as we have it! Thank you 16s and 17s for making Tuesday work so we could still get two team practices in the books this week. 

Thursday, March 17

For Thursday’s practice we’ll be at PILC from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. We have the following athletes signed up to get in some extra work:

  • Addy S.
  • Raegan W.
  • Sara H.
  • Andi D.

If we should be expecting anyone else, please register here.


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