Weekly Update

No teams are playing this weekend due to the Easter holiday, so we’re updating everyone early this week. Lots of info here so please read carefully!

Practice this week: 

  • 14s – Monday and Thursday
  • 16s – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 17s – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Riggs athletes, please note: We’ve contacted your high school coach and the volleyball meeting on Tuesday evening should be attended by your parents. You are expected to be at practice. Sorry for any confusion!


  • 14s and 17s – 
    • There is a link here for room reservations for the May 7-8th in Des Moines.
    • 14s will be playing in the afternoon both days according to the website
    • 17s with be playing in the a.m. both days according to the website. This is an unfortunate change from the schedule when we registered so please take note we are now playing Saturday morning(If we have enough parents that aren’t able to take work off on Friday to travel, we’re happy to rent a van again and could have the athletes share rooms. Contact us.)
    • Still not much for details on the recruiting combine on that Friday night… stay tuned.

    • 14s Team – sorry for any confusion on your practice times. We had some mistakes on your calendars we didn’t realize! The google calendar and the PDF have been updated on your team page. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any confusion about ending times.
    • 16s Team – we already have a schedule for the Spikefest on April 3rd! Check out the weekend page for details. Your coach will have information on what time you need to be there and ready.
    • 17s Team – we are all set for the Kairos Elite Invitational scrimmages on Monday, March 28th! If you have any questions please contact Coach Mac. Play starts at 5pm and we’ll be done at 8:15pm to head home. We’ll have three matches that will run on a 35 minute clock.
    • ALL TEAMS – Starting April 4th and continuing for all of the Mondays in April we’ll have 3rd-5th grade clinics before practice at PILC (5:30pm – 6:15 pm). We ask those athletes not involved in Track and Field or other activities at that time to come in early and help out! More information coming soon.
    • We’ve populated the tournament page so everyone can see our weekends at a glance and find information about each tournament.

Great job this weekend by the 16s Team at the Northern Plains Power League!

Oahe Elite 16s

Let’s have a great week of practice!


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