Weekly Update

This is one of our last updates as the season winds down. Please watch for a club-wide survey in your inboxes in the next couple weeks. Your answers to that survey are anonymous and vital to bettering our organization.

WE ARE SORELY IN NEED OF 2016 PHOTOS! If you’ve take any during the tournaments, please email them to oahevolleyball@gmail.com 


  • 16s Team – Thanks for a great season! There has been so much improvement in this group and you all should be very proud!
  • 14s Team – Since the track meet has been canceled, you will have practice tonight. Sorry for any confusion!!
  • 17s Team – Tomorrow is the deadline to sign-up for the recruiting combine in Des Moines on Friday night. Also, please be aware that our time for Sioux Falls on May 14th has been moved up to 10:30 a.m. (not 1 p.m.). See you at practice tonight!

If anyone is itching for a trip this weekend, the UofM will play NDSU in Minneapolis on Saturday. More information is here. Kind of last minute, but we just got the email today.


Player of the Month

We have at least one athlete that is already a little familiar with Gopher volleyball: Congrats to Addy Smith of the 14s team for being chosen as our April player of the month! Read more here.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. We have heard both ways about practice tonight. Just wondering if there is is or is not for 14’s?

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. The track meet has been cancelled so they did have practice. Just a misunderstanding. Sorry! I’ll get the website changed ASAP! Thanks for checking!

  2. Wonderful to see that these athletes know how to work hard to get better and they know how to do it-extra work!!! So fun to see all girls getting better!!!! Congrats all to a great year!!!

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