Knee Injury Prevention

Many of your more athletic movements like running, jumping and cutting are inherently unstable. To do these moves, you require neuromuscular control to maintain stability and improve performance.

Oahe Family YMCA has partnered with Avera Sports to offer  summer sports performance training to improve agility, footwork and strength. These sessions will be directed by two physical therapist. Click here for more information. Although the class was originally for incoming high schoolers, they are opening it up to middle school athletes as well.

To get that control, especially in your hips, you need what we call “proprioceptive feedback” which is a basically your brain and nerves working to maintain control with information they get from the body. Your brain will modify the movement patterns, and if you have poor neuromuscular stability, you can lose control. If that control of the nerves and muscules of the hips goes away, so does control of your knees. That’s how many injuries happen. Continue reading….


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