Play Day Schedules

Play Days will be held at PILC (mapon Sept 23, Sept 30, and Oct 28 from 8 a.m. until around 12:00 p.m. depending on your team schedule. Match times are subject to change based on how fast (or slow) the previous match finishes. Click here for detailed competition rules.  These competition days are designed to introduce young girls to the sport of volleyball and teach teamwork and competitiveness in a positive manner. We also use any “warm-up” time to provide more instruction. 

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New this year: PLEASE DO NOT SIT on the bleachers. They need to be compressed so we have room to play and it ruins the mechanism when they are sat on this way.

Clean up: Please remember to clean up trash after the last game. We are VERY fortunate to be able to rent PILC as our main facility. Without it, this league would not exist. Please treat their property with the utmost respect so we can continue this privilege.

Tournament matches will include a tie-breaker set to 15 points if each teams wins one set. All rules from previous tournaments will apply, except there will be a FIVE serve limit for both groups and we will only allow for one trial toss before the server must serve (this is regulation volleyball rules). As always, times are subject to change based on the previous match finishing, especially with this weekend allowing for tie breaker games.



**Times are tentative to the previous game finishing. If the previous match is done early, the next match will start as soon as both teams are available. Players are NOT allowed to leave the site during their shift.


Saturday, October 28

Schedules will be available the week of the tournament so that teams can be seeded.