Fall Leage Rules


Everyone will play in every match. Teams with 7 or more players will use rotating substitutions from the middle back instead of a traditional sub.


A match will consist of two sets to 25 points (2 point margin to win, no cap). Our final tournament on October 8 will include a tiebreaker set to 15 points (2 point margin to win, no cap) when necessary.

To encourage teamwork, a bonus point will be award to a team that uses three contacts to get the ball over the net during a rally. The ball must land in fair play for the bonus point to count. This point is awarded even if the team doesn’t win the rally. One bonus point maximum per rally for each team. 6th grade teams are excluded from the bonus point. 


The first serve of the match is given to the first team listed on the schedule. The second team listed will start serving in the second set of the match.

  • 3rd and 4th grade – A player can only serve three times in a row before the ball is given to the other team.
  • 5th and 6th grade – A player can only serve FIVE times in a row before the ball is given to the other team.

If the last allowable serve results in a point for her own team, the opponent will get the side-out but the point will be awarded to the team that won the rally.

Overhand serves only, and players must “hit” the ball with an open hand (no fists). Prolonged contact, throwing, or “punching” the ball to serve will result in loss of serve and a point for the other team. Underhand serving is not allowed in this league. We know it’s tough for some of the younger players, but these reps are much more worthwhile even if they aren’t getting it over very often.

Service line will be the “10 ft line”, but players that are able to serve further should move back as far as they can. If a player is having a lot of success, coach will ask them to take a step back from where they are serving (coach’s discretion). If they are already serving from behind the end line, they will not need to move back any further.


To promote long rallies, teamwork and player development, a coach may ignore a  violations depending on the circumstance and age of the player.

  • Net and center line violations will only be called if the player endangers the safety of a player on the other team.
  • Lift/carry (ball handling) violations will be at coach/ref discretion, and should be mostly ignored in the 3rd and 4th grade group. Unless the player physically catches and throws the ball we will probably let it go.
  • The following violations will be called:
    • Double hit (when a play makes a separate move for the ball  right after she played it). IF it’s the same move and accidental, it will be ignored.
    • 4 hits on one side in a row (limit 3)
    • Back row attacks (a back row players jumps and contacts the ball from in front of the 10′ line)


  • A ball touching any part of the boundary line is “in”
  • If the ball hits the side wall, bleachers, or hoops and goes onto the other side of the net, it cannot be played, and is considered “out.”
  • Volleyball Set – or “game” is played to a predetermined number of points. Games/Sets must be won by at least 2 points.
  • Volleyball Match – matches are a made up of “sets” or “games”
set silouette

court diagram