Weekly Update

A few things to note as all teams are finally in season:

  • Practice absences that your coach is unaware of are considered unexcused. Please make sure to let YOUR COACH know in advance if your daughter will not be at practice. Emailing the general email, replying to blog post emails, or contacting another person on staff may cause your message to get delayed or not relayed. Unknown absences can throw a wrench in practice plans. If you need contact information for your coach, email oahevolleyball@gmail.com.
  • Players need to be warmed up and ready to go before practice starts, also leaving time to help set up nets and count balls. We would like to make the most of the 90 minutes we have.
  • Reminder emails will be sent out this week for season dues we are still missing.

We’ll address these reminders at practice with the girls as well. Thanks so much!

  • 14-1s – your schedule for Saturday is ready for the weekend. Please remember this tournament is now one day only. Click here.
  • 16s – we’ll practice 6-8 on Thursdays from now on to make up for missed time as a team on Mondays.
  • 18s – be aware of possible practice day changes next week due to Riggs student council on Thursday. Coach Amanda will have more information. Your backpacks and T-shirts will be handed out on Thursday. Please pay your season dues.



Weekly Update

No tournaments this weekend for any team. Some changes for this week…

  • 12s – practice as planned on Monday.
    – Optional practice to make up for snow day on Thursday at St. Joe’s from 5:30 – 7.
  • 14s – practice as planned on Monday.
    – Optional practice to make up for snow day on THURSDAY, normal Thursday times for your team (14-1s at 6, 14-2s at 6:30).
  • 16s – practice 6 – 7:30 Monday as planned.
    – Open Gym TUESDAY at PILC, 5:45 – 7:15ish. No practice uniforms required.
    – No practice is scheduled for this Thursday.
    – Be sure to pay your season dues this week!
  • 18s – open gym on Tuesday 5:45 – 7:15ish at PILC. No practice uniforms required. Your first team practice will be Monday, March 19.

All teams: make sure you have a part of black shorts with a very small logo or no logo for game days. We will not be supplying uniform shorts.

New news: All Augustana tournaments have been adjusted to one day instead of two. They were not able to make it work with team numbers for the Augie Challange, and now gym space for the Ole Open. 14s will be Saturday those weekends, and 16s and 18s will be Sunday for the Ole Open.

Weekly Update

Our first 2018 weekly update! Great job on Sunday by all of the teams! It was exciting to see all of the competition. Although we didn’t take any “medals” back to Pierre, both of our 12s teams made it to the gold bracket, 14-1s competed for silver, and both of our young teams at least won a match! Exciting way to start the season!

Please send over any photos to oahevolleyball@gmail.com.

We will not attempt to have a make-up practice tomorrow (Tuesday)  with school being canceled again. We will see both 12s and 14s teams on Thursday and the 16s team officially starts their season. More team announcements are below.

  • 12-1s and 12-2s – practice as usual on Thursday
  • 14-1s – practice on Thursday 6 – 7:30 at PILC as planned
  • 14-2s – practice on Thursday will be 6 – 8 at PILC followed by a quick ref clinic until 8:30! Your schedule is ready for the weekend as well. Click here for more information.
  • 16s – see you Thursday! 6 – 8 at PILC! I’ll be touch by email with any further details.
  • 18s – we’ll be in touch on an early start date since Pierre basketball has finished early.



Congratulations to our February Player of the Month, Reese Terwilliger of the 12-1s team! Click here to read more about Reese and the award.

The Oahe Volleyball coaches nominate and choose one or more outstanding athletes from the club each month of the season. This would be a player from any team that has positively contributed to her team’s success through performanceattitude, and leadership. They are supportive of teammates, and have exceptional abilities or have shown immense improvement in the last 30 days. We will plan to choose at least one play each month through May (award archive).IMG_0243

Pentagon Winter Warm-up

Schedules are ready for this Sunday, March 4 for the 10s, 11s, 12-2s, 12-1s, and 14-1s at the Pentagon Winter Warm-up. Check the link below! Please note: you should have all received an email in January that this tournament had been changed from Saturday to Sunday.

Thursday, March 1 practice:

  • both 14s teams will be at Jefferson Elementary from 6-7:30 p.m. due to a PILC rescheduled game
  • 10s and 11s will still be at PILC from 6-7:30 p.m. (auxiliary gym)
  • both 12s teams will run as normal at St. Joe’s at 5:30 p.m.

This weekend all teams will play on Sunday

Click here for venue and schedule details



2018 Club Tryouts

We are ready for tryouts for the 2018 season!  A kick-off meeting will be held on Thursday, October 19 at 7:30 p.m. at PILC. We’ll meet in the canteen area if possible. At the meeting, we will let you know what to expect for the upcoming season! It is not mandatory to attend the kick-off meeting.

Things That Are The Same

Practice days, times, and location –  Mondays and Thursdays. Check your tryout packet for specifics

Commitment expectations – will follow the pattern of last year. We understand that athletes are usually involved in more than one activity and we’ll do our best to accommodate. However, we ask that you please be mindful of the practice schedule when deciding to participate. We can only be so flexible and expect all athletes to attend every practice on time and for its entirety. The same is expected for tournaments.

Affiliations – We will continue to be a JVA/AAU and NCR/USAV combo club in order to get the most out of each team’s season. This may require lots of paperwork for you… other than that, nothing you need to worry about.

Required practice uniforms – Athletes will wear their provided practice shirt or the one they still have from last year (if you don’t have one, we have extra) and dark color shorts to EVERY practice.

This Season

We are hoping to hit some bigger tournaments this year after it taking it easy last year to refocus our vision and goals. Some teams will hopefully play in the Asics Omaha President’s Day tournament (3-day event), the AAU Grand Prix in Sioux Falls (2-day event), or a Rochester Cup Tournament in Minnesota (2-day event). Decisions will depend on player availability and team skill level.

More information will be provided at the Kick-Off meeting. 

If you still have questions, please email oahevolleyball@gmail.com.

Final 2017 Update

Earlier today, the 14-1s played in Minnesota for the second time this year, making it to the top bracket but falling short in the first round the tournament. The 17s had a VERY successful weekend at the Pentagon, fighting hard all weekend and finishing 2nd over all!

Please PLEASE take our season survey, and return backpacks tomorrow (Monday) at Bokay Studio (111 W Capitol Ave) from 5:15 – 6 p.m. (it’s right next to the movie theatre). Please feel free to send yours with someone or set-up another time with Mac.

Thank you for a great season!

Player of the Month

Our first ever May Player of the Month is Erika Stout! Click here to read more. Congratulations to the athletes that have been nominated and selected. Thank you for making Oahe Elite Volleyball a better program!

May 10th Update

Both 17s and 16s ended in the semi finals of their gold brackets on Sunday at the Pentagon May Day Challenge. Thank you, 16s, for a FANTASTIC season! Last weekend was the only tournament the team didn’t place.  Don’t forget to turn in your backpack and take our season survey.

This weekend will wrap-up the club season for everyone. 17s and 14-1s, please click here for your schedules.

We’d still love to have more photos from the season, so please share them with oahevolleyball@gmail.com.

Knee Injury Prevention

Many of your more athletic movements like running, jumping and cutting are inherently unstable. To do these moves, you require neuromuscular control to maintain stability and improve performance.

Oahe Family YMCA has partnered with Avera Sports to offer  summer sports performance training to improve agility, footwork and strength. These sessions will be directed by two physical therapist. Click here for more information. Although the class was originally for incoming high schoolers, they are opening it up to middle school athletes as well.

To get that control, especially in your hips, you need what we call “proprioceptive feedback” which is a basically your brain and nerves working to maintain control with information they get from the body. Your brain will modify the movement patterns, and if you have poor neuromuscular stability, you can lose control. If that control of the nerves and muscules of the hips goes away, so does control of your knees. That’s how many injuries happen. Continue reading….