Elite Teams








General Season Timeline information

Depending on the age and athletic level of the team, each season will run from 1-3 months, anywhere from the beginning of February through May. Seasons length and timeline is based on athlete conflicts, tournament availability, and practice gym availability.


  • Kick-off/Informational meeting – Early November weeknight.
  • Tryouts will be held in the middle/end of November on Sunday afternoons. Typically the high school tryouts are the Sunday following State volleyball, and middle school tryouts will be the Sunday before.
  • Teams announced the week of Thanksgiving. Tentative teams schedules are sent out. Please decide if you’d like to join us by Dec. 1.


  • Registration Meeting will be held the first week of December to collect season down-payment and uniform sizes. We will also finalize team schedules.



  • 5th-8th grade teams start practice as soon as gym space and player availability allows. 12 and under teams will have a tournament before February is over.
  • 7th or 8th grade teams may start competition depending on schedules.


  • Remaining middle school teams start in early March if they haven’t already.
  • 9th and 10th teams will start mid/early-March
  • 11th grade teams will start full team practice the Monday following the South Dakota State high school AA basketball tournament.

April & May

  • Seasons will end based on athlete schedules and tournament availability.

Practice Schedule: 

  • February: 9th grade and younger teams have the potential to start in February. Location, days and times are based on gym availability and athlete conflicts.
  • March -May: Mondays & Thursdays evenings between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at Pierre Indian Learning Center (map). Times may be slightly adjusted based on team schedules and some Tuesdays may be scheduled during short school weeks or at the beginning of the season. Practices are typically 90 minutes. 
  • Specifics will be on each team page when schedules are set.

Players are expected to be fully committed during their season. We strive to keep our teams small so athletes get as much playing experience as possible. In order to be successful, full team attendance at all practices and tournaments is crucial. We encourage families to look over their schedules carefully before deciding to tryout.  Please review the calendar at the appropriate link at the top of this page.

The commitment expectation is applied to all age levels. We do our best to plan around girls’ school athletics and activities outside of the school system (church, dance, music, family, etc…) when making the schedule. We ask for conflicts at tryouts so we may plan accordingly. We understand smaller communities require athletes to stay involved in every sport possible to be successful, but we want to be a successful organization, too. Thank you for helping us be our best!

Each Oahe Elite team has an IMPACT certified coach helping players reach their full volleyball potential. The staff has over 30 years of coaching experience and a lifetime of love for the game. Read more here.