12-1 Team

2017  ROSTER

 3 Ayvrie  Kaiser
 4 Hannah Lemieux
 9 Remington Price
 2 Lily Sanchez
 8 Makenna Schlekeway
 6 Brianna Stoeser
 12 Madison Swenson

Staff: Coach Kacy

Top Row: Lemieux, Sanchez, Schlekeway, A. Kaiser, Coach Kacy. Front Row: R. Price, Swenson, Stoeser


Date  Location  Results
 Feb. 25  Sioux Falls Pentagon Winter Warm-up  3rd place (2-2)
 March 18  Sioux Falls Pentagon Big Sioux Challenge  2nd place (4-1)
 April 9  Sioux Falls Augustana Tournament 2nd Place  (5-1)
April 29  Huron NCR Area Championships  1st Place! (5-0)

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