Players of the Month

The Oahe Volleyball coaches nominate and choose one or more outstanding athletes from the club each month of the season. This would be a player from any team that has positively contributed to her team’s success through performance, attitude, and leadership. They are supportive of teammates, and have exceptional abilities or have shown immense improvement in the last 30 days.

Click on the years below to read more about why each athlete was selected for this honor.


Reese Terwilliger

Isabella Jackley

Makenna Schlekeway

2018 Nominations: Jaydn Jaeger, Madison Bradberry, Hadley Hart, Aleise Christopherson, Joslyn Bush, Lainey Reinke , Faith Manu, and Kenzie Kuxhaus.


Erika Stout

Kodi Severyn

Ayvrie Kaiser

Emry Heiss

Reghan Westcott

Lily Sanchez 

2017 Nominations: Joslyn Bush, Taylor Newman, Ayvrie Kaiser, Kenzie Gronlund, Haley Nadeau, RhyAnna Schoenard, Raegan Wiebe, Reese Terwilliger, Aleise Christopherson, Morkeia Mutchelknaus (x2), Miah Kienholz, Kenzie Gronlund (x2), Kayli Severyn, and Cayley Bush.


Addy Smith 

Kenzie Kuxhaus

Remington Price

2016 Nominations: Hannah Lemieux, Lily Sanchez, Andrea Dragaset, Elena Svingen and Maddie Hyde


Morkeia Mutchelknaus

Sara Herman

2015 Nominations: Abbi Kitts, Ashton Smith, Chloe Kaiser, and Kenzie Kuxhaus


Kallie Stout

Taylor Hyde 

Brianna Zimmerman

2012 Nominations: Whitney King and Miranda Panzer

Congratulations to the athletes that have been nominated and selected.

Thank you for making Oahe Elite Volleyball Club a better program!