Coaches have nominated and chosen Addy Smith as Oahe Volleyball’s April 2016 Player of the Month.

Addy Smith of the 14s team was nominated by her coach because “she has become a fearless leader for the group, playing a somewhat new position and giving it her all.”
Volleyball is an ultimate team sport. There have been plenty of opportunities for the girls to be negative this year as they transition to a new level and take on a tough schedule. Positive players that are focused and always working hard for the good of the team are vital to any roster.
“My favorite thing about volleyball is being part of a team and working together,” Said Smith. “I love the energy when we are playing well together as a team.”
Addy has made the switch from setter to hitter and continues to increase her power while still utilizing her setting skills as a right side player. She said finds inspiration on how to be a more dynamic player from the Tapp sisters of the Minnesota Gopher Women’s Volleyball Team.
“We’ve been working a lot as a team on being aggressive; making sure the girls are jumping as high as they can and hitting as hard as they can,” Said Coach Kienholz. “Addy is one of the players that has stood out as coachable, and continues to try new things to improve her approach and attack.”
Addy enjoys spending time with her friends and traveling with her parents. Last summer they went on her favorite trip to Iceland.  Outside of volleyball she is a track athlete, pianist, and an ‘A’ honor roll student. Her favorite subject in school is math and last month she was honored as the GMMS student of the month.

Nominations for the award this month were also Maddy Hyde (16s) and Elena Svingen (17s). 

Congratulations to the athletes that have been nominated and selected. Thank you for making Oahe Elite Volleyball a better program!


Coaches have nominated and chosen Kenzie Kuxhaus as Oahe Volleyball’s March 2016 Player of the Month.

Kenzie Kuxhaus of the 16s team was nominated by her coach because “she takes every opportunity to get better. Kenzie is always putting in extra time after practice to get better and pays attention when any coach is giving instruction.”

Oahe Volleyball

“It is hard, especially in volleyball, to make the transition from middle school to high school quickly,” Said Coach Stout. “We have only had one tournament so far but it has been fun to see how much she has grown as a player even just in the few short weeks we have been practicing her knowledge of the game has become more at the high school level.”
“My favorite thing about volleyball is when I get a kill and the team and crowd get excited,” Said Kuxhaus. “My father motivates me to put forth my best effort because he tells me to always hustle and never be lazy. There is always room for improvement and I try to do better at everything I do in sports and at school.”

As one of two 8th graders on our 16s team, Kenzie is not afraid to try something new and go after it with her whole heart. She has proved to be very coachable and confident. Her work ethic and athleticism have also been noticed by other coaches in the club as well.

“As club director, I get the opportunity to work with almost all of the athletes at some point in the season,” Said Coach Mac. “Kenzie is a player that stood out to me right away, and has continued to impress me with her competitive drive, level head, and skill development. She comes to practice to work and she shows up to tournaments to win. No excuses, no goofing around, and no drama. It’s hard to tell she was one of the youngest 16s players.”

Kenzie was the MVP of her 8th grade volleyball team this year, but when she’s not playing volleyball, she also enjoys participating in track, swimming and softball. Outside of athletics, Kenzie is a “Straight A” honor student with perfect attendance, likes science and math, and would like to be a physical therapist when she grows up.

Originally from Pierre, Kenzie really enjoys camping in her free time, as well as swimming, wakeboarding and playing piano. She has an older brother in Minneapolis (a BHSU graduate) and a younger sister who has her own horse. Her family of five also has three dogs, Scout, Bear and Lola.

Nominations for the award this month were also Lily Sanchez (12s) and Andrea Dragaset (17s). 

Congratulations to the athletes that have been nominated and selected. Thank you for making Oahe Elite Volleyball a better program!


Coaches have nominated and chosen Remington Price as Oahe Volleyball’s February 2016 Player of the Month.

Remington Price of the 12s team was nominated by her coach because “she works hardIMG_7283 and keeps her energy level up in practice and games, but mostly because she’s always cheering on her teammates from the bench and on the court.”

“My dad motivates me to put forth my best effort,” Said Price. “He always tells us to try our best at everything we do.”

As the youngest player on 12s team, Remington sets an example for the rest of the her team and club, and exhibits the qualities we look for in our elite athletes.

“When a natural athlete also has a competitive nature and discipline, it’s a great combination. Remington seems to display all of these characteristics and has a great amount of focus and awareness,” Said Coach Mac. “She’s also the first to encourage her teammates and never complains about what she’s asked to do. This is not her first athletic award, or her last I’m sure.”

When she’s not playing volleyball, she also enjoys basketball, softball, and playing outside or on the river. Her accolades in basketball include two 1st place finishes in The Elks Free Throw Shooting Contest and a “Best Defense” award at Cornhusker Basketball Camp in 2015.

Born in Aberdeen, Remington has one younger sister that also enjoys multiple sports. Outside of athletics, Remington enjoys math in school and was awarded first place in a D.A.R.E essay contest this year.

Nominations for the award this month were also Hannah Lemieux . 

Congratulations to the athletes that have been nominated and selected. Thank you for making Oahe Elite Volleyball a better program!

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