Coaches have nominated and chosen Erika Stout (17s) as Oahe Volleyball’s May 2017 Players of the Month.

Erika Stout of the 17s team was nominated by her coach because “She has always been a solid player for the club, but she has taken on a leadership role this year and ended the season playing her best.”

“My favorite thing about volleyball is that it’s definitely a big team sport. Everybody contributes in someway,” Said Stout. “My biggest thrill is getting a long volley going and winning the point!”

Erika wants to improve on her jump setting and shot placement. She has been playing up an age level for the last two years as a setter, but this was a “repeat” year at the 17s level for her, and she’s been very effective hitting in the front row.

“Erika has played better each weekend, but this last tournament was her top game,” Said Coach Amanda. “It’s no secret she’s my little sister, but her leadership in practice has caused other staff to take notice, and her domination this weekend in kills, aces, and defense had opposing coaches taking notice as well. She’s earned this award in the last two weeks of the season.”

“Coaching her for two years prior I know she’s consistent and works hard, but we needed to see her be a leader and dominate in order to consider her for this honor,” Said Coach Mac. “We had a few 14-1s girls nominated this month, but Erika already stood out and then capped it off with a stellar tournament.”

Erika is the second youngest or five: Amanda, Tara, Kallie and Garrett. She also plays basketball and throws for track and field. Her favorite school subject is science, and she hopes become a neonatal nurse. This is her first nomination and first award.

Nominations for the award this month were also Morkeia Mutchelknaus (14-1s), Kenzie Gronlund (14-1s/16s), Miah Kienholz (14-1s), Kayli Severyn (14-1s) and Cayley Bush (17s).


Coaches have nominated and chosen Kodi Severyn (16s) and Ayvrie Kaiser (12-1s) as Oahe Volleyball’s April 2017 Players of the Month.

Kodi Severyn of the 16s team was nominated by her coach because “She seems to have matured mentally as a player and a leader this season, and is one of the most defensively dynamic players in the club.”


Kodi’s confidence and ‘will to win’ has been contagious in games and in practice, helping 16s be successful in tough matches since she was able to join us after the completion of high school basketball season.

“Playing at the 16s level for the second year, it would be easy for Kodi to lose intensity,” Said Coach Mac. “But she is one of the most intense players we have, and she has really improved her defense this year to a point where other coaches on the staff have even taken notice.”

Kodi has three older siblings, Lane, Kaitlyn (2014) and Erin, and a younger sister, Kayli (14-1s).


Ayvrie Kaiser of the 12-1s team was nominated by her coaches because “She has been a great leader for our team this season, and really just has continued to learn and consistently improve.”

“My favorite thing about volleyball is going to tournaments and competing with my friends,” Said Kaiser. “My greatest thrill would be spiking the ball… and winning the championship in Huron.”

At the North Country Region Championships in Huron, the 12-1s were down 11 – 13 in the deciding set to a team they had not been successful against in two previous match ups this season. Ayvrie made a successful play in the front row, then rotated back to serve, helping her team score the next three points from the back row to win the gold medal match 15 – 13.

Ayvrie is motivated by her coaches because they have pushed her to be better. She  tries to give her best effort to help her team win, and works hard to snap her wrist when she’s hitting and move her feet so she’s always ready to pass. Ayvrie wants to improve on her passing and vertical jump.

Growing up in Winner with her family, Ayvrie has been around sports since a young age. She idolizes her oldest brother, Brevin, for his hard work and great sportsmanship, and loves to watch her older sister, Chloe, on the 17s team because of her passion when she plays. Ayvrie also loves basketball, softball, math, and spending time with friends and family.

Nominations for the award this month were also Aleise Christopherson (11s), Reese Terwilliger (11s) RhyAnna Schoenard (12-2s), Raegan Wiebe (14-1s) and Morkeia Mutchelknaus (14-1s)


Coaches have nominated and chosen Emry Heiss and Reghan Westcott as Oahe Volleyball’s March 2017 Players of the Month.

Emry Heiss of the 16s team was nominated by her coach because “There are a couple voices I hear when we’re playing games and scrimmagingEmry Heiss in practice, even when we aren’t doing well, and one of those voices is always Emry.”

“My favorite thing about volleyball is being part of a team and making great friends,” Said Heiss. “My greatest thrill is when either me or one of my teammates gets a kill and we all celebrate.”

Emry is motivated by her family, and tries to work on reading the opponent’s defense and wants to get better at blocking and hitting. A lot of high school players show a difference in the way they play in practice and in games, but Emry runs through drills with game-like effort that has been noticed by multiple coaches in the club.

“Emry is one of those player we would have a hard time being successful without, not just because of skill but her role as a positive teammate,” Said Coach Mac. “She is having a lot of success in the middle because of her focus, intensity and above average vertical jump.”

When she’s not playing volleyball, she loves to watch the Tapp sisters and Sarah Wilhite of the Minnesota Gophers volleyball team. Emry also has success in several track and field events, likes math, and hopes to become a teacher or nurse as an adult.


Reghan Westcott of the 12-2s team was nominated by her coaches because “She has a desire to learn the game and puts forth her best effort to better her skills.”

Reghan WestcottReghan began the season after accepting an invitation to join the 11s group, but has since earned a spot on the 12-2s team because of her ability to get along with any teammates and be a positive and encouraging teammate.

“I love feeling the team effort when we sore a point,” Said Westcott. “This is my first year of volleyball, and my coaches have helped motivate me to get better.”

Reghan likes to work on hitting, but wants to get better at everything because there is always room to improve in sports and in life. Her parents have given her the advice to always be committed, listen her coaches, and give it 110%.

“Reghan has stand out ball control skills and focus in the 11s group, but has also been able to find success playing on a 12s team as well,” Said Coach Kayla. “Her and her parents willingness to take on extra commitment has not gone unnoticed and her skills and confidence are improving rapidly because of the extra reps and playing time.”

Reghan comes to the club as a merit student from Harrold. When she’s not playing volleyball she enjoy playing basketball and hunting with her dad and younger brother, Carson. She’s looking forward to actually being 11 years old after her birthday on Cinco De Mayo.

Nominations for the award this month were also Ayvrie Kaiser (12-1s), Kenzie Gronlund (14-1s/16s), and Haley Nadeau (14-2s)


Coaches have nominated and chosen Lily Sanchez as Oahe Volleyball’s February 2017 Player of the Month.

Lily Sanchez of the 12s team was nominated by her coach because “she works hard and played really well in our first tournament. She’s really positive with all of her teammates.”

“I like my team a lot and enjoy being in the front row,” Said Sanchez. “It is a lot of fun when we are able to have a long volley with the other team…and of course win the point!”16825876_10154974956502295_8832018872766167594_o

Lily tries hard to encourage her teammates because she knows the whole team needs to play well to win. She looks up to Olympic athletes who have the discipline and drive to reach their goals, so she works hard to be a more confident and aggressive volleyball player to help her team win.

When she’s not playing volleyball, she also enjoys spending time with family and out hunting her three older brothers. Outside of athletic awards, she won a writing contest last year for an essay she wrote about her grandmother.

Lily was nominated in 2016 during her first season playing at the 12s level, but this is the first time receiving the award.

Nominations for the award this month were also Joslyn Bush (11s) and Taylor Newman (11s). 

Congratulations to the athletes that have been nominated and selected. Thank you for making Oahe Elite Volleyball a better program!

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