March 4 2017

Information for the 11s and 14-2s is below.


Competition: Pentagon March Meltdown | March 4
Pentagon Sanford Complex, 2210 W Pentagon Pl Sioux Falls, SD 57107.

Click here for a scheduleBoth teams are in the three team pool to start the day, with a play, play, ref schedule. Three levels of bracket play will start after that. Your coaches will have more information on arrival time.

Rosters: TBA

Site information

  • There will be a $5 admission for adults for a single day. All kids under the age of 18 are free.
  • Parking is Free.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed at the Pentagon. A range of concession options will be available.


Click here for a Pentagon Floor map

[OAHE ELITE 14-2s]

Competition: Augie Challenge | March 4
Augustana Elmen Center, 2505 S Grange Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Click here for the schedule. Please be there and ready before 8:45 a.m. Your team will ref the first match at 9 a.m. and then play the next two right away so you need to be dressed (kneepads, shoes, etc..) while you’re team is officiating. Good Luck!


  • No outside food will be allowed in the gym (food will be allowed in the building, outside of the playing area). Concessions will be available.
  • Admission will be $5 for adults and free for children under 12
  • Pool play: 3 games to 25 (win by 2, no cap), even if the first two sets are won by the same team.
  • A single elimination tournament will take place immediately after pool play. Teams will be seeded by pool play record. Tournament matches will be best two out of three to 25 (win by 2, no cap), with the third game to 15 (win by 2, no cap) if necessary. Tiebreakers will be determined by head-to-head (two-way ties only), point differential in head-to-head (two-way ties only),  point differential all sets, then coin flip.

Oahe Elite Volleyball Club tournament rules reminder:

  • Athletes are not allowed to leave the playing site until the end the day (if you need food other than what concessions provides, your parents will need to make the trip for you).
  • Players are not allowed to leave the facility anytime during the tournament. We need to be able to play if schedules change last minute.
  • Parents are not allowed to approach coaches about an athlete’s playing time or other similar concerns until 48 hours AFTER the tournament has ended.
  • Absolutely NO cell phones, ipods, ipads, etc… should be out while your team is officiating or playing (and we’d rather not see them at all).
  • While your team is officiating, if you don’t have a job please stay by the court with your team.

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